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At Grale Technologies, we’re advancing the field of metrology with the first, high-speed commercial system for measuring parts in real-time, directly on the CNC, without breaking your setup – increasing accuracy and efficiency in the production process.

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Grale Technologies developed the original, most advanced in-situ scanning solution available

Our patented and proprietary combination of hardware and software is your bridge to industry 4.0, and it supports achieving precise levels of accuracy that drives enterprise optimization at the highest standards.

Additionally, our technology provides a positive return on investment by reducing the costs of inspecting parts.


The Automated, Integrated, Metrology (AIM™) technology utilizes laser scanning systems that measure up to 1,500,000 points per second and collect spatially registered data accurate to the micron level. This aids in the automation and manufacturing of products using additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques, allowing you to make single part lot sizes and even mini-batches profitably.

By using this part and process data, we can both enhance your performance integrity and boost quality assurance. Ultimately, you deliver higher levels of quality for mission critical, high value parts such as aerospace components, or medical implants. Grale Technologies enables you to develop components that are so tightly in tolerance, they simply perform better.

Grale’s technology seamlessly integrates with commercial off-the-shelf (COS) CAM Metrology software with no additional software or training required.

It allows for flexible and agile manufacturing and engineering systems, autonomous manufacturing, and closes the skilled trade issue for increased productivity.

Measures up to 1.5M points per second

Collects spatially registered data accurate to micron level

Dramatically reduces time to measure – saves a trip to CMM Room

Verifies accuracy using NIST traceable artifacts

Works inside CNC and 3D Printing systems, producing a self reliant digital twin

Enhances information integrity and boosts quality assurance for mission critical high value parts

Streamlines production

Validates tighter tolerance throughout the manufacturing process

Validates machine accuracy

Achieves production lot size of one

Enables increased customer input in the design phase

Provides ease of use

Grale Technologies was awarded the 2015 Defense Manufacturing Team Excellence Award for AIM™, an automated, integrated metrology system, developed with the support of the U.S. Army

Without AIM™ technology, a state-of-the-art machine tool would come to a resting position before allowing the accurate spatial registration of metrology sensor readings. But with AIM™, a machine tool can scan over a production article at high speeds and register metrology instrument data with an uncertainty of 1 micron. And at scan speeds of 6 meters per minute.

Grale Technologies | Winner

2015 Defense Manufacturing Team Excellence Award for AIM™

The Result

Machine tool dimensional measurement rates increase 1,000,000 times faster. And estimated savings up to 25% of machining time can be realized, based upon eliminating fixture removal from metrology.

This award showcases the ability of Grale Technologies to work as a trusted partner in innovation. A partner that understands the value of connecting design and development to deliver the promise of the digital thread.

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For mission critical and high-value parts, depend on the world-class experience and leadership of Grale Technologies to help your business exceed your digital manufacturing requirements.

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